About Bepo

We recognize our mission, vision and values ​​as a company.

We believe that the success of a brand comes from the commitment of the whole team and the recognition of our customers.

We seek constantly and relentlessly excellence in automotive components.




Bepo is a genuinely and proudly national company. We started our activities in 1962 in the city of São Marcos in Rio Grande do Sul. Formed by an immigrant family,

Mr. José Rech founded the Instaladora Sanitaria Sao Marcos Ltda, located at Rua Padre Feijó, s / n in front of Dante Marcucci Square, central region of our host city.

In a rented house, small repairs were made on household appliances and hydraulic installation. From 1969 the company began to manufacture small parts and accessories for trucks,

changing its name to Instaladora São Marcos Ltda. In 1976, it began the activities in the current industrial complex, an important moment for the company where products are stamped, injected, thermoformed and chromed.

In the 1980s Transmarco and the Sao Paulo unit were created to expedite transport and logistics of goods and raw materials.

In 1998 the unit of Montenegro was created, where the whole line of blown, extruded and injection of large sizes are produced, another big step for the group.

Bepo currently has a built area of ​​over 79,000 m². In the Sao Marcos headquarters, the whole administration is centralized, and today we operate throughout the national territory,

Mercosur, Europe and Latin America. The company continues to invest in the growth without losing quality, maintaining one of its main values, the customers' satisfaction.


Develop and produce quality automotive components, aiming to satisfy the needs of customers, employees and shareholders, without harming the environment.


To be a Brazilian reference in the development and manufacture of automotive components for the auto parts market.


Responsibility; transparency; sustainability; valorization of teamwork; customer satisfaction.


A story made by people.
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