Can I buy from the site?

No. Find the store closest to you by visiting:

How do I become a Bepo brand reseller?

Go to the Representatives page and contact the professional closest to you.

Does Bepo has a selling agreement with BNDES?


What information does Bepo need in order to get BNDES approval?

The sales representative will be able to inform you so that all your doubts can be clarified. Go to the Representatives page and contact the professional closest to you.

Once the accessory is purchased, can I rely on Bepo to install?

No. Check with Bepo resellers if they offer the installation service.

Does Bepo sell only one side of the step bar / running board (right or left)?

No. Running Boards or Step Bars are sold in 2-piece set containing the right and left side. Only the Running Board for Vans, is sold one side only. See at:

Does Bepo do direct sales? How do I buy Bepo products?

Bepo does not sell directly, only through representative and resellers. Go to the Where to Buy page and contact your nearest Bepo dealer.

Can I adapt Bepo products to any vehicle other than the one specified?

Yes, you can but Bepo warranty is automatically invalidated. Therefore we are not responsible for damages caused by the accessory.

I need to buy Bepo components (tips, cap, stud, rubber profile, adhesives, finishing sleeve and taps), but I can not find a place to buy. What do I do?

Fill out the form on the contact page: and ask for the finishing piece you need, with the respective description and, where possible, the main accessory code.